Gun Mayhem 2

The series of Gun Mayhem game:

Gun Mayhem



Gun Mayhem 2 Overview

This version has more explosive arena style action. You can see more updates such as brand new maps, new campaigns with 16 progressively challenging missions, 7 custom game modes, new guns, perks, and customization options.


    Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, Z to shoot and X to throw bombs.
    Player 2 use WASD key to move, T to shoot and Y to throw bombs.

If you have more players, players 3 and 4 controls can be edited in options.

About Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem is a cartoony shooting game. In this world of gunslingers, you use a lot of strategies to fight against your opponent. You can choose one of game modes between "Campaign" and "Custom Game" to play up to 4 players at once. There are more than 60 different firearms and 12 diverse maps. Your mission is to use your guns to shoot and throw bombs at your friend to knock them off the map. Now you can play two versions of in the series of Gun Mayhem games. Are you a great gunner?